Former 44th Governor of Kansas and US Secretary of Health and Human Services

"I ask that you support Angeliina Lawson for JCCC Board of Trustees. With Title IX and women's issues under threat from our Secretary of Education, we need more qualified women elected to represent our communities especially in education. On November 7th I urge you to cast your ballot for Angeliina Lawson." 

Barry Grissom

Former US Attorney General of Kansas

"I'm proud to endorse Angeliina Lawson for JCCC Board of Trustees. Her determination and hard work on behalf of community organizations and local charities represent the kind of leadership we need."

Rep. Jarrod Ousley

Kansas State House Representative

"Since I met Angeliina she has been community based and active, from her park clean up initiatives to her clothes drives. I believe that she has a desire to improve her surroundings and has the energy and drive to help lead that charge as a JCCC trustee."

Rep. Jerry Stogsdill

Kansas State House Representative

"I am very happy to endorse Angeliina Lawson for election to the JCCC Board of Trustees. Angeliina is highly qualified, a proven leader and a strong advocate for our public schools, colleges and universities. She will be a tremendous addition to the JCCC Board of Trustees."

Rep. Louis Ruiz

Kansas State House Representative

"I wholeheartedly endorse and support Angeliina Lawson for the JCCC Board of Trustees. She has demonstrated a willingness to get involved in areas of the community where none of the other candidates have shown an interest in venturing. 
She has been an strong advocate of the Dreamer and DACA students and has come out publicly as a supporter. 
I cannot vote for Angeliina but I can offer my endorsement and support for a candidate who will truly represent all the students and communities in Johnson County as a JCCC Trustee! Y a ti a Salud!! Salud! Salud!" 

Rep. Brett Parker

Kansas State House Representative

"Angeliina Lawson's dedication to all levels of public schools and commitment to service will make her a great Trustee. I'm pleased to endorse Angeliina and know that her character and compassion will guide her in her service."

Rep. Jim Ward

Kansas House Minority Leader

"I am proud to endorse Angeliina Lawson for the Board of Trustees at JCCC. Her tireless commitment to the community, belief in affordable, quality access to higher education, and her drive to serve others are just a few of the traits that make Angeliina an excellent choice for JCCC Trustee."

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